Visit The Way of Life Church, Ventnor New Jersey

Where the love of God is an experience … and loving people is a… Way of Life!

We are a family of Believers who are passionate (seeking Him) about the heart of God. His heart of LOVE! Knowing that Father God loves us is not enough, we want to receive of that love and experience it.

We believe that the Great Commandment precedes the Great Commission. As we experience His love, we can give it out to the people around us, our city and to the uttermost part of the world.

Each person needs to be planted in a secure place where they bear fruit in season, thrive and prosper. If you have been here a few times or it’s your first time, we welcome you to the family and encourage you to be connected and to be involved by checking out the GrowConnect, Serve buttons. Welcome to your new home!

Sunday Morning Worship and Celebration Service starts at 10 AM