Sozo Registration

We are excited to be hosting SOZO Unshackled along with Basic and Children’s SOZO Refresher Training with Laurie Westwood and her amazing team.       Below is the event schedule and registration information.


Friday, March 22 – 7 to 9PM Basic Sozo 

Saturday, March 23 9 AM to 4:30 PM Children’s SOZO Refresher & SOZO Unshackled Training.

Registration cost $75.00 which includes, black & white copy Basic SOZO Manual. Children’s SOZO teaching supplement & SOZO Unshackled book and teaching supplement. All other SOZO manuals will be available for purchase at our Resource Center.

$45.00 registration if you have the books. However if you do not have the teaching supplements you will need to purchase those. They are not included in the $45 registration.

There are still limited slots open for personal sozo ministry on Friday before training and Saturday during training. 

Lunch will not be served however there are plenty of good restaurants in the area or bring your lunch. If it is a nice day the beach & boardwalk are two blocks away or you can eat in or around the church. We will have water and coffee and may find some muffins/bagels available if you are here early Saturday morning: ) 

If you would like to stay in our fair city, Carisbrooke Inn, a  local B&B within walking distance of the church, is offering a 30% discount. When booking online use discount code WayofLife.

Book here: or call 609 822-6392.

For more information contact us at 609-823-6273 or


Register online  click here

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