February 11, 2015

The man who has tumor in his throat gave a testimony. He said he has been to his doctor for pre surgery consultation and to the doctors amazement, he was told that the tumor has now shrunk! The doctors asked him what he has done and his answer was, “Jesus!”

February 1, 2015

A man who was diagnosed with hernia asked Jesus to heal him and he was declared free of it by his doctor! Glory Jesus!

January 28, 2015

A man was healed from elbow pain during Wednesday night worship. Jesus!

January 18, 2015

We prayed for this guy at church today who said he has a cancerous tumor in his throat, we just simply laid hands on that growth, commanded it to dissolve, declared the faithfulness and the goodness of the Father, rejoiced and laughed over him, and just praised God for who He is… The guy says “I feel something going on in there.. I feel heat.. I feel this tingly feeling and it keeps getting more intense!”

He tries to swallow and says, “I couldn’t swallow before without it hurting really bad but now it doesn’t hurt anymore! It doesn’t hurt to swallow!”. And literally, our hands could feel the tumor getting softer and softer then getting smaller and smaller. Right before our very eyes! That thing dissolved and we saw the power of Jesus move!

We were filled with so much peace and joy in our hearts. By the time this guy had to leave, the left side of his neck was almost as equal (normal) as the right side!! Praise Jesus!!! And We believe that thing is just going to continue to dissolve that when the doctors check next time, it would be completely gone!

Rejoicing (and Celebration!) immediately breaks down walls and strongholds. Being willing to step out/ take risks when presented with situations immediately opens an opportunity for the raw power and the Father heart of God to be revealed to that person and to everyone around.

The healing/breakthrough can happen instantly or not, but either way, God is GOOD! (No cliche) it’s not us! Or about us. The responsibility is not on our shoulders. It’s God! It’s on Him. BE EXCITED TO SEE THINGS HAPPEN GUYS! In your lives, through your lives, and to everyone around you! He is so good and so faithful!!

TASTE AND SEE that the Lord is goooooood ^^!~Layla