Our Heart

The heart of this ministry is to stir up the presence of God that is in each person. We believe that as we corporately praise and worship Him His glorious presence is released in the room and it causes people’s lives to change, it brings healing and releases the joy of the Lord.

Audition and Training

If you believe that you are musically gifted and or anointed to lead worship or sing back up, get in touch with Layla Macabeo for audition and training. We have audition and training to give everyone a chance to try. You may wonder why we do this it is because not everyone has the voice to lead or style of leading that will fit what we do here at the Way of Life.

Call the church office for appointment @ 609-823-6273

Coming up!

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Join us for this awesome night of corporate worship!  We will have prophetic painters in the house and most specially the presence of God. Together let us release heaven on earth!